Woman Shot Dead While having s.e.x With Hubby’s Nephew Inside Parked Car

woman shot dead

A woman was recently shot dead by police at City Park in Nairobi, Kenya amidst revelations that she was having a love affair with her husband’s nephew, the husband claims

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Janet Wangui Waiyaki, 41 and Benard Chege, 26, according to police who visited the scene on May 20, were having s_x inside their car at the public park when they were ambushed and Wangui shot under what are still unclear circumstances. She later died in hospital.

Wangui’s husband, George Kirubi, 46, to The Nairobian that besides himself, concerned relatives had tried in vain to warn the two against the illicit affair.

“It’s painful news for anyone to bear, for now can’t talk much because it’s a police case. We hope they will tell us the truth,” added Kirubi.

Wangui was his second wife and they were blessed with three sons after 16 years of marriage. Kirubi, fondly known as Fay by his drinking buddies, has two children with his first wife.

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The late Wangui lived in Donholm’s Harambee Estate, while the first wife resides a walking distance away at the Greenspan estate, both in Eastlands, Nairobi.

Chege, son of Kirubi’s late brother Joseph Chege, lives in Pangani. Which is close to City Park. Chege is still in hospital recuperating from gunshot wounds.

On the day of the fatal shooting when City Park has thin human traffic, the police reportedly found Wangui’s underpants on the floor of the car and recalled that “she was occupying the front passenger’s seat, which had traces of semen.”

On being ordered to lower the windows of the car by the cops, Chege is said to have stopped what they were doing and jumped to the driver’s seat and attempted to drive off. The cops opened fire after the occupants allegedly refused to cooperate.

The car, a Toyota Fielder, is registered in the name of Chege’s father, Joseph Chege.

The officers had been informed that the tinted black car had remained stationed at the same spot for a long time, drawing the attention of a security guard who alerted the police.

According to police, intelligence reports had a few days earlier indicated that terrorists had rigged a vehicle with explosives, which they planned to use in carrying out an attack.

“With such a serious alert having been issued, no officer would take chance in such a situation. Probably that’s why they swiftly opened fire. Unfortunately, the officers did not aim at the tyres as is expected,” a senior cop told The Nairobian, adding that his colleagues might have inadvertently acted out of panic in light of the terror attack alert.

According to police, when the officers approached the car, the occupants refused to lowers the windows as ordered.

The car reportedly stalled a few metres after the gunshots. It turned out the occupants were Wangui and Chege.

The car has two bullet holes, each on either side of the rear doors. The left wing guard has cracks- it is not clear whether it was torn by a bullet or shrapnel.

Kirubbi had gone to Murang’a for a funeral of a relative on Saturday only to be greeted with the sad news of the shooting that Sunday morning.

Kirubi is the proprietor of Nairobi’s popular Hotel Gloria located at the junction of Ronald Ngala and Tom Mboya street. He inherited the property from his late father, Gathima Chege.

Kirubi admitted to The Nairobian that his beautiful second wife was in an intimate relationship with his nephew.

“Their relationship was not a secret. I had even caught them red-handed. I had already told my mother-in-law (Wangui’s mother) to warn her daughter to stop the affair with Chege. Even the Bible is very clear that such a relationship is wrong. In fact, Chege is like my son,” says cuckolded husband, adding that his nephew was a frequent visitor in Wangui’s house.

George Kirubi Photo: Courtesy

“I also told Chege’s mother to warn the boy from following my wife because it’s wrong to have a relationship with a close or blood relation. I however never imagined things could end up tragically like this,” says Kirubi.

The Nairobian learnt from his friends that Kirubi once drove to their native Murang’a home and pleaded with Chege’s mother, Faith Waigethi, to warn the son to stop embarrassing the family with the relationship.

“But the boy disregarded the advice and continued with the affair,” revealed one of Kirubi’s friends. Their marriage was an on-and-off union as a result of infidelity suspicion, the friend added.

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