Woman r@ped and stripped n@ked


The complainant is 17-years-old and resides in Waterfalls where she works as a maid while Gomo is of no fixed abode and lives along Mukuvisi River in Waterfalls. A man of no fixed-abode, Chipochashe Gomo, 20, appeared in court yesterday charged with rape and theft.

The court heard that on May 9 around 1pm, the complainant was on her way home when she met Gomo, who asked for her name and then started following her. Gomo asked the complainant whether she wanted to be accompanied where she was going but she refused.

He also asked her for her phone number which she also refused to give. He then pushed her to the ground and she started crying, but Gomo held her neck and threatened to kill her if she continued crying prompting her to stop crying.

Gomo then dragged her into a maize field where he str!pped her of all her clothes and r@ped her. After raping her, he took her clothes and hid them before telling her that he was coming back to have s.e.xual intercourse with her for the second time.Chipochashe Gomo

She quickly ran away shouting for help. The complainant was then assisted by men who chased Gomo and caught up with him after he had thrown the clothes. away and stolen US$11 that was in her pocket. Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State.

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