Breaking News: Woman (45) Rapes Her Own 3 Sons aged 6 and 8 and a neighbour’s child


A 45-year-old woman from Beatrice has been sentenced to an effective 16 years in prison for raping her three sons for a month in April last year.

The woman appeared before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa on three counts of rape and was convicted after a full trial.

The magistrate blasted the woman for her deviant behaviour after noting that she was mentally sound.

The three children, one aged six and twins aged 8, also sexually abused a neighbour’s daughter.

The State established that the woman would invite her boys to sleep with her in bed saying she wanted to teach them how to have sexual intercourse.

She then repeatedly abused the children several times warning them that she will not give them food if they disclosed the abuse to anyone.

The matter came to light after a neighbour’s daughter was sexually abused and the step-grandmother, who had taken the boys, quizzed them on where they had learnt that and they spilt the beans.

A report was then made to the police leading to the arrest of the mother.

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