Watch videos as tens of thousands of people flee Afghanistan Kabul after Taliban takes over government. Many die in stampedes and some fall of aeroplanes


In a distressing video, Afghans can be seen attempting to hold onto a U.S. military plane as it takes off from Kabul airport. According to reports, at least three people died after falling from the aircraft.Scenes of panic and chaos played out at the airport in Kabul as crowds of people desperate to escape Afghanistan rushed onto the tarmac.

Some clung to the sides of planes, even as one taxied down the runway, in a bid to flee the Taliban. Kabul’s international airport was one of the last places in the Afghan capital on Monday not controlled by the Taliban. The U.S. State Department said all its embassy personnel had been evacuated to the airport, which is defended by the U.S. military Nearly a half dozen U.S. officials (across the administration) tell Reuters that there is increasing frustration and even anger with the way Biden has handled the evacuation from Kabul, saying his White House wasted too much time in the months leading up to last week.



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