Update on soldier who died in the hands of a PROSTITUTE


Update on soldier who died in the hands of a S.e.x worker. News of Julius Tichawana’s death was heard on Monday morning after an alleged hook up with a suspected lady of the night only identified as Kimberly at Club Saratoga at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield.

A late-night beer binge at a Highfield bar has ended in tragedy after a soldier allegedly died in the hands of a suspected lady of the night. Kimberly has since been arrested and led police to indications where the alleged offence was committed along a tarmac outside Club Saratoga.

Kimberly is expected to have her day in court where she will answer to the alleged butchering incident. According to one theory, Kimberly and Tichawana had hooked up for a quickie with the former charging US$10 for her services.

However, Tichawana is believed to have felt short-changed before demanding half of the payment back or another session. This did not go down well with Kimberly who began pushing and shoving Tichawana who was already drunk before hitting him on his private parts leading to his death. Another theory suggests that Tichawana had flaunted a fat pocket to his target, agreed to spend the night at her lodgings before the lady of the night tipped robbers who came to attack him and got away with his cash.ZNA Officer and thigh vendor

“We all woke up to the sad news that a local prostitute had murdered one of her clients after a misunderstanding. Mourners are gathered in Chitungwiza. “It’s sad that we have lost a loved one under such circumstances; mourners are gathered in Zengeza, Chitungwiza where the deceased was staying with his family.

“Burial arrangements are in due course but first we await a mandatory Covid-19 test that will direct how we will conduct all business. “We can only hope that his wife and children will find comfort,” said the source.

Source – H-Metro


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