Woman cries out as jealous tokoloshe with sweet bedmatic skills ‘snatches’ her husband


A WOMAN is competing with a tokoloshe for her man.

The woman told Daily Sun the jealous tokoloshe gave her husband crazy se_x and didn’t want to share him.

She said she heard her husband groan at night and in the morning, his 4-5 was painful and he was wet. The woman from Bekkersdal, west of Joburg, said the tokoloshe had been visiting for three years and she and her husband wanted it out of their bed.

“I can’t be intimate with my man anymore because this tokoloshe wants him all to itself.

“We’re appealing for help. We can’t live like this,” she said.

The 35-year-old man said the tokoloshe wanted him to leave his wife.

The man said the creature gave him blow jobs and touched him in ways he found irresistible.

“My wife feels like I don’t want her and what is sad is that I sleep with her in the bed, but we are not intimate,” he said.

The man said the tokoloshe visited almost every day.

He said the problem started when his ex-girlfriend wanted to get back together with him and he refused, saying he had moved on.

“She told me she was not going to give up until she got me back,” he told the People’s Paper.

The man said the first time the tokoloshe visited, he felt like he was sleeping with his wife but the next morning, he found it wasn’t her.

“I suspect my ex could be involved because I sometimes have strange dreams where I see her naked in my house,” he said.

The wife told the SunTeam she felt like she was losing her husband.

“We just want our lives back. I used to read about tokoloshe stories in Daily Sun but I never thought they were real,” she said.

Sangoma David Nkomo told the People’s Paper that the couple needed a sangoma who would start by investigating the cause so he could be guided on which muthi to use to remove the curse.

— DailySun

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