Soul Jah Love, Zezuru ‘Refuses’ To Pay Designer’s Outstanding Balance After Hiring Outfits

Soul Jah Love, Zezuru ‘Refuses’ To Pay Designer’s Outstanding Balance After Hiring Outfits

Soul Jah Love and videographer Zezuru are allegedly refusing to pay fashion designer Edwin Campbell’s outstanding balance for the outfits they used for their latest video Simudza Gumbo.

According to H-Metro, Campbell also alleges that Soul Jah Love did not return one of the hired outfits as he intended to buy it, but no payment has been done as they no longer want to settle the bills.

Soul Jah Love, Zezuru 'Refuses' To Pay Outstanding Balance For Hired Outfits
Edwin Campbell Picture Credit: H-Metro

Soul Jah Love’s camp only paid US$40 out of US$250 for the wardrobe Cambell provided for them to shoot their scenes for the Simudza Gumbo video, and they are refusing to pay the outstanding balance.

Campbell said:

“I did wardrobe for the video and they didn’t pay up as agreed as they changed our agreement after they finished shooting.

“And Soul Jah Love even took one of the outfits, they promised to pay but then all of a sudden five days later they said they won’t pay anymore.

“The producer even posted bragging about not paying up for the wardrobe,” said Campbell.

“It was supposed to be US$250 for hiring 5 outfits.

Agreed amount US$50 per outfit.

“But then Soul Jah Love took one of the outfits and they said they will pay but they never paid, they still have the outfit up to now,” he added.

Campbell said Soul Jah Love and Zezuru only want to pay US$10 as a balance as they want to evade paying the full balance claiming that they agreed on US$50 as the total hiring amount for the wardrobe.

“No he means he will pay US$10 not the full amount for hiring the wardrobe.

“I told them US$50 per outfit, and they want to act smart trying to avoid paying for the services.

“And these guys know about hiring, and there is never a designer wardrobe that can be hired out for 50usd, it’s the rate for hiring per outfit, I have done a lot of video shoots and never had such an issue.

“Zezuru even posted on his status flaunting about not paying up.

“Soul Jah Love ended up refusing to complete the shoot ,he actually snapped and stopped the last scene, and they wanted to compensate for the money they owe me.

“Because shooting of the last scene involved hiring the venue. However, they haven’t paid me my money for wardrobe despite not shooting the last scene and they are sticking to a US$10 balance,” he said.

Zezuru, the video producer for Simudza Gumbo song,  allegedly went on to upload a status on WhatsApp boasting about having duped a designer of his money.

Soul Jah Love, Zezuru 'Refuses' To Pay Outstanding Balance For Hired Outfits
Soul Jah Love, Zezuru ‘Refuses’ To Pay Outstanding Balance For Hired Outfits. Picture Credit: H-metro

Responding to the allegation after contacted by H-Metro, Zezuru promised to pay the remaining balance and returning the outfit taken by Soul Jah Love to Campbell.

“I acknowledge we owe him and we are coming forth with payment but he has not responded and he is definitely getting his outfit I have it safe in my custody.

“He did an amazing job we appreciate his input into the project and would like to maintain good cordial relations for future projects purposes,” said Zezuru.

“We remained with his outfit because people left in a hurry and the artiste forgot to leave the outfit behind but he later gave them to me to return but have not been able to do so because Designer Edwin was not forthcoming with delivery address and when he did, I was tied up.

“I am hoping to get it delivered tomorrow together with the remaining balance. Are you actually doing a story on this?” Asked Zezuru.


Source: Iharare

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