May 9, 2021

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Sex For Marks Great Zimbabwe University Lecturer Sues Female Student For $3 Million

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A senior lecturer with the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) has filed a $3 million defamation lawsuit against a female student who accused him of demanding sex from her for marks.

Academia Lab has established from Masvingo Mirror that, senior lecturer Tapiwa Mudyahoto, has sued Nomsa Mwashita, a Bachelor of Education (BED) student who he taught the “Introduction to Sport” module and in 2019 under Part one Semester 2.

Mudyahoto claims that Mwashita made a false report to authorities alleging that he demanded sex from her in exchange for marks.

Mwashita allegedly went on to fail the subject taught by Mudyahoto and she blamed the result on her refusal to give in to her lecturer’s demands.

Mwashita also accused Mudyahoto of showing her his manhood when she visited his office.

In his defense, claims that Mwashita is just fabricating stories so that she can ruin his career. He revealed that the University has since cleared him of any wrongdoing after three independent lecturers remarked Mwashita’s examination papers and gave her the same failed result.

However, a source who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that contrary to Mudyahoto’s claim that all independent markers gave her a fail, all the three independent markers who remarked her paper gave her a pass. The source also added that the Introduction to Sports is the only module that Mwashita has ever failed during her course work.

Mwashita who was served the papers this week by Mudyahoto lawyers under case number 234/2020 plans to defend herself against the claim.

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