Heartrending: Rapist Chops Off Victim’s Hand As Punishment For Resisting Rape

rapist chops off victims hand

In a rather disturbing development, a rapist armed with a machete waylaid a 16-year-old student and attacked her before chopping off her right hand in a botched rape.

Derrick Kuloba (25) a resident of Nabooti Village, Nakatsi Sub-County in Bududa District, Uganda was dragged to court charged with attempted murder after he allegedly chopped off Evelyn Namasopo’s right hand as punishment for resisting his rape attempt.

Kuloba appeared before Mbale Chief Magistrate, James Mawanda, during a session at Bubulo Magistrate’s Court in Manafwa District on Wednesday, April 7, Naijacampusjams reports.

It is in the States case that on the 4th of July, 2020, Kuloba, attacked the complainant near a forest on her way home to pick beddings and food for her sick mother who had been admitted.

Kuloba allegedly ordered her to undress to which she refused. On noticing that she wasn’t bugging, he pulled out a machete and started cutting her.

The court heard that Kuloba wanted to cut Evelyn’s head off but she tried to guard it with her right hand. Her plea for help was all in vain as no one came to her rescue.

During the scuffle, Kuloba cut off her right hand with the machete. On realizing what he had done, Kuloba allegedly fled the scene.

Evelyn was only rescued after a passer-by saw her laying on the ground writhing in pain. He immediately rushed her to the hospital where she was treated.

During the attack, Evelyn also sustained several injuries on her body.

In her testimony, Evelyn asked the court to give Kuloba a harsh punishment.

Meanwhile, Kuloba was released under unclear circumstances a few days after he was arrested. Evelyn accused the police and Mbale Court of trying to frustrate her case.

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