Ngoni Mwazha’s remarks that he can cure Covid19 splits Mwazha’s church. His supporters are excommunicated; vow to fight back. NB: Get vaccinated against Covid19

There is turmoil in The African Apostolic Church factions after Mwazha’s first born son Ngonidzashe Edward claimed to be able to cure Covid19 through a mere phone Call. In a leaked phone call, one of the seers in the church by the name of Chiwara is heard telling church members that anyone who contracted the novel coronavirus, should feel free to call Bishop Edward Ngoni Mwazha who would pray for him over the phone and the disease will be immediately cured.

This prompted an angry response from their Board of Trustees, and their leader Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha, who instructed his Secretary-General Richard Juru to pen a letter to the nation and the church apologizing to The Ministry of Health and to the president over Chiwara’s remarks. The letter, which is attached below, sought to assure the authorities that the church stood guided by the Ministry of Health and WHO regulations.

In this letter, Juru brazenly calls Chiwara a liar and instead reinforced the idea that there was no cure for Corona virus. The issue further exposed the divisions in this church faction with two main groups rising out, one aligned to Ngoni Mwazha and the other one to AK Mwazha.


It is believed that AK Mwazha is in a power tussle with his elder brother Ngoni Mwazha, after successfully wrestling a large chunk of the church followers from his younger brothers Nephia Chiseko and Tawanda Israel. What began as a battle between AK and his younger brothers, has now developed to a battle between him and his older brother.

Ngoni Mwazha has previously proven that he can heal different diseases bragging of having supernatural powers. He calls himself Bishop Magetsi Mwazha claiming that “anokanda magetsi emweya Mutsvene muvanhu”.

After being isolated, seer Chiwara fought back claiming that he spoke with authority from Ngoni and attached, proofs that he had been given instructions by Ngoni Mwazha.

Chiwara found support in other congregants like Herbet Munhongowarwa who goes by the moniker Kusvinasvina.  The two were subsequently chased out of the church yet they had been the most ardent ones in support of AK during his tussle with his young brothers.

Its now a war of words with Chjiwara refusing to be excommunicated. Ngoni then went on to tell his followers direct that he can cure covid19.

The battle lines have been drawn.

Disclaimer: As of the time of writing, there has been no scientifically proven way of curing the novel corona virus (covid19).

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