Nellie Tembe’s Ghost Haunts AKA As More Skeletons Tumble

nellie tembe

Nellie Tembe’s ghost is haunting AKA as more skeletons tumble out of the closet with latest allegations pointing out that he was having an illicit affair with his friend DA L.E.S’s baby mama Aurea.

The Sunday World last week reported that the Tembe family wants to find closure pertaining their daughter’s death by allegedly hiring a private investigator.

Now, an anonymous person, claiming to be from Tembe family has contacted Mzansi’s favourite podcast, Podcast And Chill With Mac G, and spilled some itsy bitsy about AKA and his character while exposing his alleged abuse towards his late fiancée.

Involvement of DA L.E.S makes the whole saga quite interesting.

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Sol Phenduka, Mac G and The Ghost Lady added their two cents about the whole situation saying the rapper AKA dug his own grave when he performed at the Nedbank Cup Finals, just weeks after burying his late fiancée.

According to Zalebs, That performance alone might have irked the Tembe family, and friends. It also made many insinuate that the rapper has moved on with his life, prematurely after losing Nelli literally weeks ago.

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After that performance, bombshell after bombshell has been dropped by close ally’s to the couple and it does not look good on AKA’s side. The podcast team claim to have received the damning letter shortly after Anele Tembe fell to her death on April 11. The team revealed they were hesitant to read the letter out because the credibility of the person was not verified, but after last week’s occurrences, the dots seem to connect.

“Nelli was suffering in her relationship she struggled with cheating and abuse from Kiernan (AKA). It started last year she had mentioned to me that she had tried to take her life after finding out he had been sleeping with other women. But what really shook Nelli was when she found sexual messages on his phone [between] AKA and DA L.E.S’ baby mama.

“She was devastated and the messages broke her heart, it was all there in plain sight AKA was having an affair with Aurea, Da LES’ baby mama who was very much involved and still in a relationship with Da LES. They have a daughter together, Kiernan has been to multiple birthday parties for their baby,” Mac G continues to read.

Anonymous then says AKA apparently paid Aurea hush money after she felt guilty of having the affair.

“Kiernan sent Aurea R20 000 to silence her after she was feeling guilty and wanted to tell DA L.E.S. Nellie found the messages and communication about the situation and she immediately called Da L.E.S to tell him and she sent him all the screen grabs.

“DA L.E.S confronted Kiernan the two stopped speaking. Nellie Tembe says she felt betrayed, she was hurt, broken and completely cut out Kiernan.”

The letter continues to allege that this is a known fact amongst the Johannesburg circles and AKA did not even attend Da L.E.S’ father’s funeral. Anonymous also claims that AKA made Nellie Tembe feel guilty about the whole situation.

In the email, Anonymous speculates that AKA introduced Nellie Tembe to the life of drugs and alcohol and had been reportedly using cocaine with his friends. Apparently Nelli was suicidal at times as she could not handle the alleged abuse from the rapper, hindering her mental state.

The letter even reveals that at the time Nellie Tembe’s death broke, a week before that AKA’s former manager allegedly committed suicide. Watch the clip of Mac G reading the letter.

Social media has been a mess since the episode premiered last night, with people taking jabs at DA L.E.S’ career. Now his song ‘Gucci Snakes’, makes a whole lot of sense. Here are the reactions below:



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