Watch: Mwazha’s church instructs all members to get vaccinated against Covid19: ADOPTS NO VACCINATION NO COMMUNION POLICY

In an unexpected and unprecedented move, The African Apostolic Church led by Paul Mwazha has instructed all its members to immediately, get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus commonly known as Covid19.In a letter delivered to church members, the Secretary-General of the church,

Richard Juru informed the church members of the decision reached by the two supreme decision-making organs of the church, the Priesthood Council and the Board of Trustees.

R Juru said he had received permission from the two bodies to instruct all members to get vaccinated if they are to be allowed to partake in the Holy Communion slated for later this year at Ndarikure in Chirumhanzu. Juru instructed people to teach everyone at their church services about the benefits of getting vaccinated

In the audios attached below, Juru is heard saying getting vaccinated against Covid19 was mandatory and was not different from any other immunization or vaccination program. Juru says this is to protect the church members from spreading Covid19 amongst themselves. Juru even went on to quote from different scriptures saying that even in the bible, scientific solutions were allowed

However, Ngoni Edward Mwazha, the first born son to Paul Mwazha was skeptical and instead chose to say “idungamunhu” meaning it is up to the individual to select what is good for him. The church’s publicity secretary Bishop Javangwe quickly dismissed all questions and hang up his phones. Watch the video above which gives details on the developments and also gives the audios, in which the church leaders are heard giving their views and instructions. Please, do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos and news.

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