Killers Who Murdered Friend Over Diamonds 12 Years Ago Confess Claiming They Are Being Haunted


In what reads like part of a script from a Nollywood ‘African Movie,’ two faithless friends who allegedly murdered and robbed an illegal diamond panner have confessed. The two men who committed the murder 12 years ago, at the Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange, are claiming that they are being haunted by the avenging spirit of their late friend.

The Manica Post reports that Welldone Mutangabende of Mararira Farm in Odzi died in 2008 in what initially appeared to be a terrible accident. However, his two friends John Muchinganwa and Willard Kushanya have now confessed to murdering him. The two revealed that they murdered their friend in order to rob him of the diamonds he had found.

Families of the two men recently approached Welldone’s family in an effort to perform rites to appease the deceased’s spirit which they claim is haunting them.

Welldone’s younger brother, Shingirayi Mutangabende told the publication,

“Welldone left home for Chiadzwa to pan for diamonds. His friends Muchinganwa and Kushanya reported him missing and we also joined them in searching for his body. We found the body in a shallow diamond mine with a huge rock on top of it.

“He was lying face down and the rock had crushed his lower body. A police report was made and the matter was treated as sudden death. Everyone concluded that he had been crushed by the rock.”

Shingirayi went on to say that Muchinganwa and Kushanya’s families had approached them saying that Welldone’s spirit was wreaking havoc on them.

“Welldone’s avenging spirit is causing mental illnesses in their families. Kushanya is now mentally ill. He shouts that he killed Welldone after robbing him of his diamonds. He claims that he kept my brother’s wallet which contained the diamond pieces. We only recovered Welldone’s wallet at Marange Police Station four years after his death.

“Muchinganwa is nowhere to be found but his relatives came here to inform us that he and Kushanya killed my brother.”

Killers Who Murdered Friend Over Diamonds 12 Years Ago Confess Claiming They Are Being Haunted
Killers Who Murdered Friend Over Diamonds 12 Years Ago Confess Claiming They Are Being Haunted

The Kushanya and Muchinganwa families have also approached traditional leader Headman Munyeri Mbare to have the matter dealt with by the traditional court.

Welldone’s spirit is reported to have manifested on Muchinganwa’s sister. According to the family, the spirit explained how Welldone had been murdered saying,

“When they found out that I had found some diamonds, they connived to murder me. I was already dead when they put my body in a shallow mine. They crushed my corpse with a rock. It was not for rituals, they wanted my diamonds.”

The matter has been forwarded to Chief Marange’s court by Headmen Munyeri and is tabled to be heard soon.


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