Hip Hop Artist Mudiwa Hood Splashes Money In Memory Of Socialite Ginimbi

mudiwa hood

In memory of his late cousin, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, gospel hip-hop musician, Mudiwa Hood, real name Mudiwa Mtandwa has spent thousands of US dollars on a sneaker collection.-

The collection features a white spike sock donna sneaker which according to the Christian Louboutin website costs US$1 295.

The high-end red sole sneaker designed by French designer, Christian Louboutin is similar to the one Ginimbi died wearing

It is alleged that when the police arrived at the accident scene Ginimbi had no shoes, no wallet, and a watch too.

Taking to social media Mudiwa Hood showed off a US$5 600 receipt for three Christian Louboutin shoes ordered from the United Kingdom with the caption,

Ordered 3 Same (that white Ginimbi sneaker) Spike Sock Sneakers by Christian Louboutin from UK, few tracksuits and Tshirts through @houseofdenimzw In memory of my brother Ginimbi… I love you bro,…..RIP Thank you Queen, will order more things from you… If you want nice things follow this page @houseofdenimzw on Instagram but unofana wakati simbei maUS lol But try she has Virtinam, turkey and China products too that are affordable
Please Tell Tate, I never got anything from my brother Ginimbi, the best way to remember him is to make a lot of money and live happily, buying what he had too…


Gospel Hip Hop Artist Mudiwa Hood Splashes Money In memory Of Socialite Ginimbi

Ginimbi, who had an expensive taste and lived a posh lifestyle, died in a tragic car crash in November last year. He was in the company of three friends who also died on the spot.

Gospel Hip Hop Artist Mudiwa Hood Splashes Money In memory Of Socialite Ginimbi


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