Meet the popular Chief Zvimba who is ordering the reburial of late President Mugabe

chief zvimba

Meet the popular Chief Zvimba who is ordering the reburial of late President Mugabe.  The news of Mugabe’s reburial has been trending and causing chaos in the Mugabe family and even on the political arena as well.

The news of his reburial broke out sometime last month after rumours that he(Mugabe ) had died and did not hand over the sacred Tsvimbo which is believed to be a source of power needed by a president to run a country.

Grace Mugabe refused to bury the late President at the usual place of heroes burial the National Heroes Acre and opted to bury him at his rural homestead inside a house. At first Mnangagwa’s government had offered the burial of Robert Mugabe at the popular shrine without even agreeing to build a Masoulem for the late Icon.

However, Grace Mugabe had a last-minute change of mind and opted for the President to be buried at his homestead a move which they said was the wish of the late man. So now the case has all of a sudden popped up and making headlines and it is all because of this man they Call Chief Zvimba and we have finally got the picture of him. He is currently the man of the hour.

He has made waves but a few of us know him, so we have his picture so that you get to know the guy.

Source – Pindula News

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