Latest On Gweru Shooting: Death Toll Now At 3 After Wife’s Sister Dies In Hospital

gweru shooting

Gweru businessman and car dealer Peter Dube now faces three murder charges after Nyaradzo Nharingo died at Gweru Provincial Hospital. She was 34. Nyaradzo is the elder sister to Dube’s second wife Nyasha Nharingo. Nyasha is also in critical condition at the same hospital after she was shot by Dube during a murderous rampage. The prominent Gweru car dealer allegedly opened fire on four people last night following a heated altercation with his second wife Nyasha Nharingo over infidelity allegations.

Latest On Gweru Shooting: Wife's Sister Has Died In Hospital
Peter Dube: The car dealer allegedly killed two people and seriously injured two other people in a deadly shooting last night. A third victim has since died while the fourth is battling for her life at the Gweru Provincial Hospital.

The chilling incident occured at the Bensam Flat in the Gweru CBD in the late hours of Thursday. Two people died on the spot from the injuries sustained during the horrific shooting. One of the deceased is Gamuchirai Mudungwe Shoko, Nyasha Nharingo’s best friend. She was 30-years-old.

The other deceased is Shelton Chinhango who was shot at close range as he tried to flee from the violent Dube. Chinhango is reported to have been Gamuchirai’s lover.


Shelton Chinhengo, one of the victims of the Gweru shooting incident


The two sisters initially survived the shooting although they were grievously injured when Dube shot at them. According to their father, Mr Bothwell Nharingo, who visited the two women in the morning at Gweru Provincial Hospital, Nyasha was shot twice in the head. The bullets are yet to be removed.

Nyaradzo on the other hand was shot in the neck and suffered a deep bullet wound. Though she battled valiantly, Nyaradzo later succumbed to the bullet wound on Friday afternoon.


Latest On Gweru Shooting: Wife's Sister Has Died In Hospital
Nyasha Nharingo: Alleged shooter Peter Dube’s second wife. She is currently fighting for her life after being shot twice in the head by her husband: Latest On Gweru Shooting


This means that Peter Dube is now facing three murder charges and one charge of attempted murder.

Dube is yet to be apprehended after he fled from the scene following his barbaric shooting rampage. The police have since launched a manhunt for him.


Gamuchirai Mudungwe Shoko, Nyasha’s best friend. She died on the spot after being shot by Peter Dube.

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