Killer Zivhu’s Mercedes Benz Burnt To Ashes: “Chingondiurayayi”

Killer Zivhu’s Mercedes Benz Burnt To Ashes

Expelled former Chivi South ZANU PF legislator Killer Zivhu has reported that one of his cars, a Mercedes Benz, was burnt to ashes last night by unknown assailants.

Zivhu shared pictures of the burning car on social media suggesting that the assailants could be his political enemies.

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“But why guys burning my car.” He wrote.


The motormouth politician later posted the original car claiming whoever his assailants are should just kill him instead of intimidating him, he wrote;

“Last night they came ndokupisa Beiz yangu ye White iyo kupera yose chingondiurayayi henyu asi hakuna anorarama nokusingaperi.”


When he was fired from the party, Killer Zivhu in a statement said he was not bitter about his sacking and would continue being loyal to the ruling party.

“I have no bitterness and will take this time to reflect while working towards proving my loyalty to Zanu PF, a party which I have so much faith in,” he said.

“Zanu PF’s constitution has a provision for an expelled member to reapply after five years and I will definitely do that as I believe this is where my future lies.

“I have known no other home other than Zanu PF where my heart is. I will continue to be loyal to the party and work to ensure that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 is successful, as an ordinary citizen and resident of Chivi South Constituency.”

Nevertheless, Zivhu has been posting messages critical of the government on his social media which may have brewed tension and the subsequent attacks.

Recently, he questioned why President Mnangagwa hated the late Robert Mugabe and suggesting the country needs national dialogue.

Tell me guys Mugabe maimuvengereyi chaizvo imwi vaimuvenga, now that haasisipo chokutadzisayi kuita zvamaida kuita aripo chava chii. Guys our problems as a Nation haakonzerwi ne individual but with us as a Nation. We need a National reconciliation and dialogue as Zimbabweans

Zivhu has not indicated if he has filed a police report.-Harare Live

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