Breaking News: Ginimbi’s Manager Ms Shally Dumps Boyfriend, Hell Commander


Ginimbi’s former manager, Ms Shally, real name Shaleen Manhire-Nullens has officially dumped his controversial boyfriend, Trevor Simbarashe Mbizvo, who goes by the rather unusual moniker of Hell Commander.

After taking a break from her Instagram amid trolling from social media users following Hell Commander’s fiery incident that claimed the life of one, Ms. Shally finally decided to end her short-lived relationship with him.

Judging by this recent development, it seems Ms. Shally could no longer take Simbarashe’s bed-hopping behavior and drama anymore.

From the very beginning, Ms. Shally and Simbarashe’s relationship had been marked with a lot of drama and controversies.

Last month Simbarashe made waves on social media following his much-publicized love triangle with Ms. Shally and another socialite Monalisa Chavura who refers to herself as Njuzu.

The Hell Commander apologized to Ms. Shally on Instagram live for cheating on her. To show his remorse, he bought her a Range Rover as an apology present.

Following the cheating scandal, the couple patched things up and everything seemed to be going well for them until Simbarashe was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of his friend Edward Mudekunye.

Taking to Instagram, Ms. Shally said Simbarashe’s self-centredness was the major reason she decided to quit the relationship.


Announcing their breakup Ms. Shally wrote;

I’m just gonna do me. For the past few weeks, I took time to reflect. Love is a beautiful thing and what Simbarashe aka “The Hell Commander” and I shared, in the beginning, was heaven sent.

When dealing with an Alpha male with different opinions and views from yourself you will realize that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

When two strong personalities come together each one has a vision of how to build the brand or handle specific situations.

Some people prefer to put their own interest first yet some prefer to put their business and reputation first but I choose the latter.

After reflecting I feel like it is best for me to be single for now and focus on myself.

Simbarashe and I are still very good friends and business partners.

Thank you to all that have supported me through this journey.

Ms. Shally

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