Thieves attack Makandiwa’s church. Emmanuel Makandiwa Prophecies Stolen At Church

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Popular Zimbabwean man of the cloth, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church (UFIC) has suffered a blow after hundreds of his prophecies and sermons were stolen.

This was revealed by Pastor Prime Kufa, the spokesperson for the church on Friday. According to Pastor Kufa, there was theft of church property at the Christ TV studios. He said that the theft resulted in the church losing more than half of its important assets which include 571 hard drives which contain prophecies by Prophet Makandiwa going back many years. He said that most of the prophecies are yet to come to pass.

Pastor Kufa said that a similar thing happened two years back when prophets from other churches connived with ChristTv employees to steal footage of interest to their plans.

Narrating what happened, Pastor Kufa said,

There has been an unfortunate theft of church property at the ChristTV studios…The operation was carried out at a much greater and devastating and destructive scale. This ministry has seen more than half of its important and confidential assets being taken away.

These assets include 571 hard drives, yes you heard me right, 571 hard drives. With recordings stretching as far back as 2013. These hard drives have all prophecies by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, most of which are yet to be fulfilled.


Pastor Kufa did not give details on how the theft had been carried out. However, he implied that this was an inside job as the hard drives had been stolen from secure lockers. He also said that the police are investigating the matter and are questioning some of the employees of ChristTV

“…all that was taken and is in the hands of those who always wished us ill. The ministry has since engaged the police and investigations are underway as we speak. It is unfortunate that some members of ChristTV are being questioned as we speak. Especially in this case, where the stolen material was in lockers that are fully secured.”

He went on to say, that Prophet Makandiwa knows how the enemy intends to use the stolen property against the church. Pastor Kufa said that the church has decided to allow the police to complete their investigations because prophetic evidence is not admissible in a court of law.


Pastor Prime Kufa: Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Prophecies Stolen At Church


“We have since furnished the police with the information that we have and prophetic wisdom is also helping us as the Prophet has given information on how the enemy intends to use such property against the ministry.

“We believe in God’s protection and also the involvement of the police. We will at this point in time avoid giving out details that might hinder the physical investigative processes. As you know, prophetic evidence is not admissible in a court of law.”

He also counselled congregants and followers to not lose faith in the Prophet and in the church over the issue.

“To those that might doubt the prophetic because of this unfortunate event, be reminded that the founding apostles lost even their lives, and not just properties as in our case. So should that imply the absence of God in their time, I don’t think so.”

Pastor Kufa said that Prophet Makandiwa will release a press statement addressing the issue of the stolen prophecies.


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