May 9, 2021

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Breaking News: 2 men murder a neighbor for stealing laundry from their washing line.

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Two Men Kill Neighbour For Stealing Clothes From Their  Washing Line-iHarare

In a shocking development, two men from Bulawayo allegedly murdered their neighbor for stealing clothes from their washing line.

Farai Fero (40) and Fortune Ngwenya (30) from Pumula South suburb were recently arrested for fatally assaulting their neighbor Blessing Zikhali (40) whom they were accusing of stealing their clothes. 

Zikhali died after he was admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital on Wednesday after sustaining serious injuries from beatings by Fero and Ngwenya. 

Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the tragic incident which happened on Wednesday last week to The Chronicle.

According to the police report,  on the day of the incident, the now deceased was with his girlfriend at his place of residence when the two came and asked him to go to Ngwenya’s place.

When they got there, Fero and Ngwenya allegedly accused Zikhali of stealing their clothes from the washing line and an argument arose.

In an effort to teach him a lesson, the two men assaulted Zikhali with fists and a hosepipe all over the body and he sustained a cut above the left eye.

After beating Zikhali, on March 31st at around 1 AM, the two accused persons escorted the now deceased to ZRP Pumula station intending to file a report.  

While at the police station, the officers realized that Zikhali was seriously injured and arrested the two men for assault.

The police also called an ambulance to take Zikhali to Mpilo Central Hospital where he later died.

Inspector Ncube said residents must not to take the law into their own hands.  He urged members of the public to find amicable ways to deal with misunderstandings and seek mediation than resort to violence. 

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