Congratulations to singer Greatman as he is a father now: Pics

The singer is in cloud nine after his wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday and it seems this was the perfect moment Greatman has been waiting for in his life.

The singer shared the news with the rest of his fans on his Facebook page as he also showed off the baby. Pictures below and the message he had for his wife after giving him the greatest gift any men would want from his wife.


He wrote: I tried to hide it the whole day guys but happy yacho cant hide. My family and friends nhac kwauya another star Karrane Gwaze. Welcome to the world my son now I have my pillar my flesh my successor. To Silibaziso masara ummmm u ar one in a million thats y nyika isingazvinzwisuse.Graetman and his baby

Congratulations man this is very good you are an inspiration to many brother. Keep doing your thing.

Source – MbareTimes

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