Olinda Chapel gives up and ends feud with Tatelicious


The two’s social media fight was triggered by Tatelicious after she began spreading falsehoods about Olinda. U.K based socialite and business lady Olinda Chapel-Nkomo has ended her feud with Tatelicous. Chapel has decided to walk away from Tatelicious’s drama. This follows after the latter broke into tears during a Facebook live session whilst Gurunduro bullied her. Olinda took to her Facebook to write that she won’t be responding to any of Tatelicious’s silly rants. Chapel wrote: I am very disappointed in myself today. I allowed myself to be dragged to…

The Boss who allegedly s.e.xually harassed Pearl Modiadie revealed – South Africans furious

Pearl Modiadie

Media personality Pearl Modiadie has left the socials shook after she opened up about experiencing s.e.xual harassment at her previous workplace. Modiadie, who at first was afraid to go public about being a victim of s.e.xual harassment at her former job, has detailed the numerous disturbing experiences she endured under her male manager while working at a national broadcasting station. Now Mzansi has managed to put one and one together and Pearl’s alleged abuser has been named as Tony Soglo. Tony is the program manager at Metro. This is following…

Actress Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo pregnant

Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo

Actress Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo has set tongues wagging. The presenter of Old Mutual’s singing competition Amazing Voices was recently seen showing a baby bump, which led to viewers speculating whether she was pregnant or not. After people started asking questions, the media personality took to social media to answer them. She wrote: “Don’t ask the question. The answer is yes.” She later posted another picture, teasing her fans that they would find out on the next episode whether she was pregnant or just bloated. Thembisa, who temporarily replaced Zandile Msutwana…

Gruesome murder: Chinhoyi man murdered, thrown in disused house


Gruesome murder: Chinhoyi man murdered, thrown in disused house. John Fundo, 25, of Destiny was found dead in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Two suspects have since been arrested for murder while the other two are on the run. Mashonaland West Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Magret Chitove told H-Metro that residents from Ruvimbo Phase 2, discovered the body of Fundo in an unfinished house. A Chinhoyi man was grisly murdered and had his body left in a disused house. Inspector Chitove said Fundo was found having difficulties in breathing and an…

Four Daring Touts Kidnap And Assault Police Before Leaving Him For Dead


Four touts from Harare were recently arrested after they allegedly kidnapped a police officer, assaulted, and left him for dead on Wednesday. Read: Watch full video as fire ravages Africa House near Bulawayo center. ZRP Comes out in hundreds. Young girls from Bulawayo firefighters show rare skills The four suspects , Jonathan Tambama, George Nhodza, Taddy Kufazvinei, and Anyway Chapasuka appeared before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges Allegations are that on 16 June this year, the four were touting for passengers in Harare’s Central Business District…

Watch full video as fire ravages Africa House near Bulawayo center. ZRP Comes out in hundreds. Young girls from Bulawayo firefighters show rare skills


Watch the detailed video below Hundreds of high ranked police officers come out in full force Young girls and boys fight the fire off Bulawayo citizens come out in their thousands. Watch as the scene unfolds below. Scroll down for more videos of the scene Scroll down for more videos of the scene Scroll down for more videos of the scene Scroll down for more videos of the scene

Cleansing Ceremony Goes Sour As Prophet Is Thoroughly Bashed For Caressing Married Woman

Cleansing Ceremony

A cleansing ceremony turned sour after a prophet was given a thorough beating by the husband of a woman whom he was allegedly caressing, claiming he was trying to get rid of evil spirits tormenting her. The incident which is still the talk of Inyathi Business Centre in Matabeleland North province happened a fortnight ago B-Metro reports. It is reported that Lenox Mathe became upset with the way Clayton Mutasa, popularly known as Madzibaba Munana, was delivering his wife Marymore Ndlovu from an undisclosed ailment. According to a source who spoke to…

Woman Goes Berserk And Attacks Hubby With A Padlock Over Boyfriend Call


A woman from Bulawayo was arrested after she attacked her husband with a padlock before savagely pummeling him with a stick. Dorothy Madumba (24) severely assaulted her husband Prince Masuku (32)  after he asked her why she answered her boyfriend’s call in his presence. Dorothy pleaded not guilty when she appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncubeto to answer to physical abuse charges. Read: Killers Who Murdered Friend Over Diamonds 12 Years Ago Confess Claiming They Are Being Haunted She was remanded out of custody to next week on Tuesday.…

Killers Who Murdered Friend Over Diamonds 12 Years Ago Confess Claiming They Are Being Haunted


In what reads like part of a script from a Nollywood ‘African Movie,’ two faithless friends who allegedly murdered and robbed an illegal diamond panner have confessed. The two men who committed the murder 12 years ago, at the Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange, are claiming that they are being haunted by the avenging spirit of their late friend. The Manica Post reports that Welldone Mutangabende of Mararira Farm in Odzi died in 2008 in what initially appeared to be a terrible accident. However, his two friends John Muchinganwa and Willard Kushanya have now…

Killer Dad Spared Jail After Killing Son In Fight Over Conjugal Rights With Wife


A Honde Valley polygamist who accidentally killed his son with a wooden axe handle during a scuffle over conjugal rights has been spared jail. Elaya Nyamahondo (44) from Chavhanga Village is now a free man after getting a wholly-suspended three-year sentence. According to Manica Post, the sentence follows Nyamahodo’s conviction on his own guilty plea to the culpable homicide charge he was facing when he appeared before Mutare High Court judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda. It is in State’s case that on October 30, 2019, Nyamahodo was in his second wife’s kitchen…