“Akandibata Zviya Zvekuti Ndakanzwa Kudawo”: Mai Praise Caught Cheating {Audio}

A woman admits to sleeping with another man twice while her husband was away in a leaked audio.

Mai Praise is heard in a WhatsApp recording admitting to sleeping with Baba Munaye who took “advantage” of the long time she had spent without sleeping with her husband.

She says Baba Munaye first asked her to come over to her place before he came personally and touched her until she submitted and slept with him using protection.

“Akanibata bata zvekuti ndakasvike pakunzwa kuda”, she says.

The calm husband records the whole conversation and speaks with his wife calmly while she spills all the details.

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Asked whether she was forced, Mai Praise admits that the way she was caressed made her vulnerable.

“He forced me when he touched me I caught feelings and slept with him.” She says.

Listen below;

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