Who killed Ben?

Ben, a young blooming man full of life and potential, had his life cut short in a cold-blooded murder that sent cold shivers through the spines of even lawmakers. After months of running away from his would-be killers, Ben finally met his unfortunate and painful end. After Ben’s father passed away, he left a written will in his son’s name for him to inherit his estate and wealth. Be as it may, a few months later he lost his precious darling mom who passed away because of high blood pressure triggered by too much thinking.

Ben had 2 uncles whose mindsets drowned in a pool of greed and malice. They always loved to reap from where they did not sow. Because of the greediness of his paternal uncles, his life was now at risk.

After two months of running his father’s business successfully, the two uncles thought of killing Ben to get the ownership documents of the company to become rich, since Ben had refused to include these two malicious evil-minded men in his business. They plotted a sinister downfall for their innocent relative. First, they organized hitmen to strike him down. Now, because of the uncles’ malicious plans, Ben met with an accident. By God’s grace, he survived this tragedy even though he was now crippled and used crutches for the rest of his life. His condition made it difficult for him to handle the business empire so he thought of handing over his business ownership to his younger brother Thomas.

This news got to the ears of Phillip, one of the greedy uncles. So Phillip went to Andrew, the other greedy uncle, and saw that the business they were longing for is being transferred to Thomas in a matter of days. They were not stressed about this because they thought that since Ben was crippled he would give them a share in the company but no he did not. So they made a new plan.

A few days later, Ben arrived home from the lawyer’s house at around seven in the evening like always. ln those days he frequently visited the lawyer’s house for preparing the ownership documents. That day Ben arrived early but little did he know what was in store for him. He immediately went to bed since he had already eaten supper at the lawyer’s place. A few moments after he went to bed, he heard a squeaking sound from the wardrobe. When Ben opened his eyes to his surprise, he saw his two uncles searching in the wardrobe since they thought he had the property documents with him. His clothes were scattered all over his room.

When the two uncles saw Ben had already woken up, they thought of covering up for their selves by saying they saw a rat there. But Ben thought that how come they are here suddenly when they do not even stay with him. The very instant he shouted they quickly covered his mouth with a red scarf which was on his bed and in the process they broke a clock beside the bed. Since he lived alone in a two-roomed house no one could hear his screams.The uncles thought of running away but they saw that if they let him go, it would be disastrous for them. So Andrew thought of choking him to death but Phillip declined the idea. Phillip then said that we should hang him to death and leave false evidence proving that it was a suicide.

They took a chair and a rope from outside and they hanged him. They then took away his crutches and put them beside the wardrobe. After he was dead, one of the uncles, Phillip, wrote a fake suicide note stating that he couldn’t handle everything and was now being bullied by people so he had thought of ending himself. Phillip also wrote that Ben’s inheritance should be equally shared distributed among my uncles Phillip and Andrew. To celebrate their victory, they took two glasses and some champaign they had come with to mark their victory. Out of their foolishness, they left the two glasses there.

They left immediately after they were done rejoicing.
The body of Ben was discovered by his friend, the following day who immediately called the police. When the investigators came, they gathered all the nitty gritties that would give them a lead on whether Ben committed suicide or there was foul play. The first piece of evidence came when they analyzed the suicide note.

Detective Tom compared the handwriting on the note to the handwriting on other papers written by Ben and found out that, even though they tried to disguise themselves, these uncles failed to copy his handwriting. Ben wrote his writings with a unique T and a special E that they could not copy. They also found out that Ben enjoyed writing using a black pen in almost all of his papers and the pen that had been written on the suicide note was blue. Detective Sindiso compared the arsenal of pens in Ben’s room and found out that all of them were similar and the one that had written the suicide note was stark different. This first piece of evidence increased the 2 detectives’ suspicions.

Detective Tom also analyzed the fallen watch. First, Sindiso thought it may have fallen as a result of a struggle but there was no other evidence of a struggle near that table. Tom then realized that this watch had been purposefully destroyed and this piqued his detective instincts. He analyzed the watch and found out that it was a special watch that had a camera on it. So the would-be killers may have known about this and decided to destroy it to hide evidence. Since Ben was rich, he used this hidden camera for security. They sent the watch to be repaired at their headquarters. For now, the facts they could raise and they figured out Ben did not write the suicide note and all the pieces of evidence proved it was a murder.

They then noticed another interesting thing, the two glasses. This showed that there may have been two or more people in the room. They analyzed Ben’s drinking habits with the help of Thomas who told them that Ben only drank champagne when celebrating something, usually once a year. This showed them that it was not he who had drank the champagne. They sent glasses to be scanned for fingerprints and the results proved that Andrew and Phillip were the ones who had drank from the glasses. It was easily proved because they were not professional robbers or killers so they did not glove with them.  The two evil uncles were immediately arrested.

The two detectives now had a little argument about why there were some neatly folded clothes on Ben’s bed and who was the lady in the picture by Ben’s bedside. First, they had a hypothesis that a woman might have been involved in the murder, maybe Ben’s girlfriend. However, that hypothesis was destroyed by the fact that Cherry, Ben’s girlfriend who was in the picture was thousands of kilometers away in Chicago that night at university. Moreover, there was nothing else feminine in the room except the pictures.

Now came the issue of the crutches. The detectives argued that no crippled person can climb on a chair and hang himself. So the crutches supported the murder hypothesis. Sindiso then asked, what about the open wardrobe door? Tom, with his eye for detail, discovered some tiny evidence of grease, very tiny indeed on the wardrobe door. They used a special lens to study this grease. Phillip worked in a mechanic shop and the grease tallied very well with the one on the door. Moreover, the uncle’s fingerprints were plastered all over the house.

The uncles were brought to court where they were convicted of unlawful entry and murder. Their lawyer could not defend them and posterity was against them. The court imprisoned the murderers for a lifetime in jail. Since Ben owned a business empire, Ben’s lawyer came before the court and handed over the ownership of the business empire to Ben’s brother Thomas and it was done.
Till now the two uncles are rotting in jail and Ben’s little brother Thomas is handling the business well as his elder brother always wanted.

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