Myth of Cheng Haô: The lost city

 Long ago in a small village of Cheng Haô lived a man and his family. His name was Wáng Lî, and he was a doctor. His wife Crysta Lî was a stay-at-home mother. She raised their two children a boy and a girl, Chang LÎ and Crystal Lî . As Wàng was a doctor he had to go to battlefields to help hurt soldiers. He was there for 5 years; how sad it made his family to not have him around. His kids were grown Chang Lì was now a teenager and little sister Crystal was now 10 years old.Wàng always wrote to his family hoping to see them one day. One letter written to him by his wife read…..

Dear Wàng

It’s me Crysta I write while the kids are asleep,  hope to see you soon. You are always on my mind. I know your job is hard, hope you are okay. See you soon.

Love Crysta

As he was working on some paperwork one day, a woman was rushed to him and it seems her arm was cut. Her name was Captain Octavia.

Nurse: How are you miss

Captain: I’m good but what happened?

Nurse: You crashed and got hurt

DR Wàng: Hi your vitals are good, you should be okay in two weeks’ time

5years passed and Wàng was now ready to go home. He was now 35 years old and ready to leave camp. As he walked home, his blood tingled and his 6th sense told him that something was definitely wrong. He arrived at his home only to find it desolate and derelict, abandoned. His inquiries to neighbors and passersbys produced no tangible explanation of what happened to his house. He asked around if anyone saw his family, but no one answered clearly. It eventually turned out that the house had been abandoned for approximately half a decade and no one had lived there for 7 years now.

Two months later

When all hope seemed to have vanished into thin air and he no longer dreamed of ever finding his family, he came across a certain strange man. This strange man told him of Cheng Haô a lost, mysterious city that was hard to find as the gateway to it would only open once every full moon.

Wàng: Three days till the full moon but where is it?

Strange man: Only those with the gift can find a way.

Wàng: What do you mean when you say that………..

Before he could ask further, the man was gone

The day of the full moon

He ran into the forest and wow he found the magic gateway as he had some mysterious strange powers of his own that he was oblivious of. He looked everywhere for his family in this city until he bumped into a lady. She was shopping with her children and Wang Lì was ready to attack when………

Chang Lì:        Dad

Wàng:               Crysta, Chang Lì?

Crystal Lì:         Father?

He was shocked as this was his family. They ran towards each other and gave each other a big warm hug. It was almost dark they went to their home and lived happily ever after.

By Talent T. Nyamdzawo

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