Once upon a time, there lived a king who ruled the ant kingdom called King Keselof. King Keselof was one of the biggest ants 馃悳 in the kingdom.

One day, the kingdom ran out of food. The King sent groups of other ants to search for food in other areas.When the ants figured out that the only place they could 铿乶d proper food was in houses. The ants intruded into people’s homes but people found a solution to get rid of the ants.

This news got to the ears of King Keselof he saw his ants were slowly perishing.So the king thought that if he had an heir, his problems would decrease. They believed that the heir to the Keselof family cannot die easily and is very skillful. So after Willard,the heir to the Keselof kingdom was born they sent him to guide and lead the other ants.

When the humans saw that the ants were increasing they thought of inventing a spray called DOOM which was said could kill any kind of insect.

Suddenly havoc struck Willard and his crew. This was because of the DOOM spray.This led to the death of Willard and other ants. The very few ants which had survived the terrible accident told King Keselof what happened to his only begotten son.King Keselof was in a dilapidated state of mind because of what had happened but he did not give up on it. He told his wife, Stella, that he will avenge his son’s death.

Since that day King Keselof sent his ant armies again and again to take revenge. Till now he is still sending ants to avenge his heir’s death.

That’s the reason why ants are found in many houses.

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