War of the elephant’s and lions


Once upon a time, there was an elephant kingdom named Duke. They named this kingdom after one of the greatest fighters in the kingdom. The kingdom was led by King Luke |||. The elephant’s lived in harmony and they had never quarreled.

One day, out of nowhere, the king of the Lion Kingdom who was called Ronald sent four of his chief security officers who were mighty lion fighters to attack Duke Kingdom and kill some elephants. Two elephants saw the marauding lion army from a far distance, but they did not think they meant any harm. The marauding lions saw the two elephants and immediately attacked the innocent elephants. They leaped in order to kill them as it was really hard for them because elephants are as big as sea whales but they eventually killed them.

A baby elephant was passing by and as he was passing, he saw the two dead elephants and the lions. The evil lions then said to the baby elephant “tell your king that Ronald, the Great king of the lion kingdom, is declaring war on the Duke Kingdom “.

Out of fear, the baby elephant ran and told his father. The father made his way to the palace and told the king what the men had said and he also told him about the death of the two kindest elephants in the kingdom James and Mark.

The elephant king sent a messenger with a message to the lion king. The message said that one fighter of the Lion Kingdom is supposed to fight a fighter from the Duke Kingdom. The king of the Elephants then called all the elephant’s for a meeting.

“In order to show the lions how much they have hurt us by killing one of our kind, our unbeaten and unbeatable great warrior Duke will fight for us tomorrow in the morning,” said King Luke||| to the elephants.

The elephants went to sleep hoping to end the war forever. The sun rose, and the weather was cool the elephants gathered on the plains of Malecite, as they waited for the lions.
After some time, the lion’s appeared, and the battle began. From the elephant side, there was the mighty warrior, Duke and from the lion’s side, was their great warrior Lucas. The other elephants and lions cheered their fighters and the spectators watched as they fought.
The great grisly Lucas was leaping from place to place trying to bite Duke. Duke fought for the sake of his elephant regiment whos name was at stake. He fought to defend the sovereignty of his elephant kingdom. He fought remembering the mother elephants and the baby elephants who were going to be killed if he was killed. He fought with tenacity and determination. He not only fought for his life or name but for the mighty name of his namesake kingdom.

Duke eventually got tired of running and he stood to catch his breath. Lucas took this chance and leaped onto his leg and bit his leg removing some skin. This was so painful to see and shocking to the elephants. Duke got bitten so many times by Lucas but seeing his peers cheering for him, he stood his ground by getting up and he killed Lucas with a single strike of his mighty trunk.

This was a great shock to King Ronald. The lions scampered helter-skelter all along the valleys and plains in flight as their only source of hope was now dead. As the lions had lost, they went back to their caves. The elephants stayed at that place and rejoiced while some of them dressed Duke’s wounds.

This was a great day for the elephant’s indeed, and since then the lions and elephants have had enmity for each other


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