The Island of the Unknown

In times gone by, when elephants still had short noses and long tails, there were two villages in an island known as the Isle of the Unknown. These villages were called VIOGE AND OGLAND. VIOGE was located on the western side of the said island while OGLAND was at the eastern side of the island . For a long time, these two villages lived in perfect harmony. People from both villages would gather together, dance, sing, and celebrate life all day. One day the leader (chief) of the OGLAND village died due to his diabetic condition. People from the two   villages attended his funeral because most of the people loved him.

In accordance with the inheritance traditions of  Ogland, the eldest son of the chief who was the heir apparent to the throne, was inaugurated. The name of the heir apparent was chief Zindo . The two villages kept living their normal lives until a certain time when the new Ogland chief developed greedy tendencies. The OGLAND Chief and his army attacked VIOGE without any provocation. The village of Vioge had no other choice but to fight in self-defense. The ensuing battles resulted in the loss of a lot of lives, both the young and the old, the poor and the rich, and many other people.

With the moving of the times, the village of Vioge prevailed over its aggressors and ultimately won the said war. There was an unprecedented lull in battle for some time but the Ogland Village was nursing deep emotional wounds and wanted to revenge on his losses. One day. a boy and his dogs discovered a sinister plot that was being harbored by Ogland.

One warm afternoon, Tony and his dog, Tiki went off as was his usual norm, to the forest on a hunting expedition. When Tiki chased a bush bark they ran after it until they reached a campsite where Tony incidentally overheard the chief general of OGLAND plotting how they were going to attack Vioge surprisingly.

With urgency and shock, Tony and Tiki ran to tell his own chief in VIOGE. The chief was surprised and angered by this information. The Chief blew his ivory war trumpet and called out his council of war. His men marched to his quarters where they were appraised of the impending danger. VIOGE soldiers got ready for war.

The Chief then noticed that one by one, VIOGE soldiers were being assassinated by unknown men. Tony also saw this and manufactured a clever ploy in his mind. Secretly, he took off with his dog to the campsite where he clandestinely started a fire that killed and devoured the OGLAND soldiers. Unfortunately he was shot on the leg but his carrying dog Tiki then dragged him back to the village.

The village was proud of the boy’s bravery. The chief called out his soldiers and declared Tony the chief warrior of the village. He was adoorened with many local awards.  The boy’s parents were proud of their son and pet. The VIOGE village celebrated their victory. The women sang a song for him while the painters painted a beautiful murral for him.

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