Once upon a time, there lived a king who ruled the ant kingdom called King Keselof. King Keselof was one of the biggest ants 🐜 in the kingdom. One day, the kingdom ran out of food. The King sent groups of other ants to search for food in other areas.When the ants figured out that the only place they could find proper food was in houses. The ants intruded into people’s homes but people found a solution to get rid of the ants. This news got to the ears of…

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The Island of the Unknown

In times gone by, when elephants still had short noses and long tails, there were two villages in an island known as the Isle of the Unknown. These villages were called VIOGE AND OGLAND. VIOGE was located on the western side of the said island while OGLAND was at the eastern side of the island . For a long time, these two villages lived in perfect harmony. People from both villages would gather together, dance, sing, and celebrate life all day. One day the leader (chief) of the OGLAND village…

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War of the elephant’s and lions


Once upon a time, there was an elephant kingdom named Duke. They named this kingdom after one of the greatest fighters in the kingdom. The kingdom was led by King Luke |||. The elephant’s lived in harmony and they had never quarreled. One day, out of nowhere, the king of the Lion Kingdom who was called Ronald sent four of his chief security officers who were mighty lion fighters to attack Duke Kingdom and kill some elephants. Two elephants saw the marauding lion army from a far distance, but they…

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